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The world is quickly running out of fossil fuels, the damage which is happening to the ozone layer to feed our insatiable appetite for energy with these fossil fuels is quite scary . . . . we’re all keen on the idea of saving a little cash whilst we’re busy saving the environment, stands to reason . . . these and many more arguments fall firmly on the side of GREEN ENERGY.

Green energy really is something which we all need to start thinking about. Some types of renewable green energy can be utilized by us individually at home, yes, we really can take positive steps towards energizing our homes in an environmentally friendly way. . . some types of green energy need the government or big business to step in, unless you have access to your own private bit of coastline with waves crashing along the shores 24/7 that is . . . . no, I wish! So let’s take a look at some of the different types of green energy which are being explored and see whether we can actually utilize any of this technology in our own homes to save a bit of cash whilst helping to save the earth!

Tidal Energy

For centuries man has tried, rather unsuccessfully, to control the sea. Just ask King Canute about that one, if he couldn’t make the sea do as he wished then what chance have the rest of us mere commoners got? It’s one thing to try to control the sea, however, and it’s quite another to harness it’s power. Whatever else is happening in the world, the tides keep turning and that power has been successfully harnessed. Tidal power is predictable (we can predict to the minute the times of high and low tide in any particular area on any particular day . . . . well, experts can anyway). Anyway, the predictability of tidal power puts it head and shoulders above some other forms of unreliable green energy – the wind and the waves . . . . they come and they go as they please without a thought for our green energy needs.

Like the man said we need to take action for green energy now . . . there is no later.

Wave Power Energy

This is, I suppose within the same family as the tidal power, but is a bit like the unpredictable black sheep. The thing about wave power is that it’s unreliable . . . just ask any surfer dude about trying to find the perfect wave . . . they don’t come along very often. Some days the sea can be as calm as the proverbial mill pond, on others the waves can show such strength and power that they’re just too darned big. It’s the in-between days which are needed for efficient harnessing of the power of the waves to use this form of sustainable green energy.

Wind Power

Well, this form of green energy is a little unpredictable too, but wind power is definitely on the increase with growing numbers of wind power “forests” appearing on the hilltops, and small scale wind turbines in the gardens or on the roofs of houses who are taking this whole green energy issue very seriously (as well as saving lots of cash). Wind turbines are quite an emotive subject actually, amongst environmentalists as well as among . . . well, normal everyday folk. Personally, I love ’em. I think they resemble a giant majestic garden reaching skyward . . . effortlessly and gracefully turning to provide us with a sustainable energy source. Other people don’t like them! There’s no accounting for taste.

Green energy problems? The answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind!

Solar Energy – The Power of The Sun

Humans have been harnessing the power of the sun for centuries . . . no, I’m not talking about solar panels on the rooftops, I’m talking about hanging out the laundry on a sunny morning . . . your smalls are dry in no time at all. In some countries they still use the power of the sun to dry food too . . . sun-dried tomatoes . . . . yes, really! The sun is a long way away from planet earth, around 150 million kilometers or so they say, but the power of the sun is nothing short of awesome. If we could utilize just a minute fraction of that power then all of our energy needs would be fulfilled, but how do we go about it?

Solar panels are cropping up all around the world. All you need is a good location with plenty of sunshine, some south facing slopes and the initial investment. Many homeowners are now making the investment of fitting solar panels to the roofs of their houses to provide their own green energy source. Unfortunately this can be quite a costly procedure meaning that it can be a few years before any cost savings are real, but just think about how much it would save the environment if every house, factory, in fact every building  had it’s own self contained green energy power supply . . . how great would that be?

Of course, some countries get more sunshine than others which means that solar panels are a more viable proposition, but it’s amazing at how little sunshine is needed these days in order to create electricity, which can then be stored for use at a later time or day.

Solar water heaters are becoming  very commonplace in some countries around the world. There is legislation in place which insists that every new house is built with a solar water heating system providing what is effectively free hot water for the homeowner. That’s not bad for starters is it? It’s not rocket science either. Solar power can be used to power your house, heat your water, heat your house, heat your swimming pool . . . a very effective and largely under utilized source of green energy. Read more about solar government programs.


He’s one switched on guy . . . he built his own solar water heater. Awesome.


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